Why use a specialist

One of the most innovative aspects of The Good Life Group is that each member is a specialist. They are all lake experts; but, in addition to that, they have listing specialists, buyer specialists, an investment specialist, luxury specialists, a marketing coordinator and more. Because they specialize, they are able to focus on the unique needs of their clients without the distractions of the other aspects of the job and develop a great level of expertise. For example, agents who try to do everything rarely answer their phones because they are often showing property to clients. In the GLG, when the buyers agents are showing homes, the listing agents are free to answer inquiries from potential buyers. That allows the buyers agents to focus on their clients, and it allows the GLG to capture leads that most agents miss. Nine times out of ten, buyers will go through a list of houses and call until they get a human on the phone. If the GLG is the first human they get (which is often the case), you can bet the buyer will hear all about the GLG properties first. Here are some other advantages of having specialists.

Advantages of Using a Buyer’s Agent

  • Familiar with buyer forms and rules
  • Absolutely focused on buyer’s needs
  • More flexible in scheduling appointments
  • Strong relationships with buyer-oriented vendors such as mortgage officers, inspectors, movers
  • Contracts written to be buyer-oriented
  • Learn the market from a buyer’s perspective
  • Skilled in advocating for buyer needs
  • Given info on possible new listings by all listing agents because they might bring buyers (instead of feeling competition for listings)

Advantages of Using a Listing Agent:

  • Absolute focus on marketing listings and advocate for the seller
  • Able to provide suggestions in staging, furniture arrangement, presentation tips
  • Ability to get info on buyers’ preference from buyer’s agents without spending the time
  • Available to take calls from potential buyers and from owners of listed homes
  • Since not always showing property, available to research and pursue new avenues for advertising and promotion
  • Has the time to communicate with sellers on market trends, feedback from showings, suggestions to improve results
  • Familiar with contract elements that affect sellers and able to protect sellers from pitfalls
  • Network of professionals that impact sellers such as contractors, stagers, landscapers, dock specialists, photographers and more
  • Skilled in the process of getting a home from contract to closing including appraisals, addressing inspection concerns, termite letters, title issues

Advantages of Other GLG Specialties:

  • Luxury specialists familiar with the needs and requirements of affluent buyers. Also, knowledge of how to reach those buyers and sellers.
  • Marketing coordinator to do the creative marketing and paperwork so agents can focus on clients
  • Investment specialists to help buyers and sellers navigate the laws, ordinances, zoning issues and tax requirements associated with investment property